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As a Captain for British Airways good time keeping is essential in our line of work. A good time piece can not only tell the time but can be a statement, a point for discussion and much more.

As a Pilot Ambassador for British Airways I began networking and found that many CEO’s, Heads of State and Royalty always wore nice time pieces. That’s when the seed was planted for me to explore the world of watches. I was invited to launches by big brands such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe and many more and started to form a relationship with these brands. I started Cirrus watches back in 2010 as a small experiment and today I supply beautiful time pieces to many stars, royalty and well known individuals.

I always believe in tailoring and educating an individual before they execute a purchase. It’s all about the journey of purchasing, rather than the purchase itself.

Our relaxed environment and knowledgable staff can help you decide your next time piece.

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